Penn State best team in Big Ten?

I agree and I’m not going to be in full panic about that just yet. To be quite honest I think Iowa would get in at 9-11 but I don’t want to chance that. The part that gets a little scary is if Iowa drops one or two at Carver.

Anyway my point remains that whatever seed they are saying we are today is rather meaningless in the grand scheme of things as it doesn’t take into account our schedule.

Right, it's absolutely meaningless what seed they think we are now in regards to the ultimate seed we get because they can't predict the future obviously. But all 7 games are quad 1 opponents I believe. Not a one of them are gonna be considered a bad loss. Iowa is obviously not a lock to be in the dance at this point, but they're still playing with house money. That's the fruits of kicking ass early. All that said, I don't want them to test it out or to make me sweat either - let's just make it easy on ourselves one season :)
I’m very nervous about the remaining home games. Ohio State is desperate, Penn State is the best road team in the conference, and Purdue is one of the hardest teams in the league to figure out (one night they are great the next they are terrible).

Seems like everyone is banking on 3-0 at home and I’m not so sure about that. Our home games with Rutgers, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois came right down to the end.

That’s why we need to get one on the road this week and I’m not all that confident that we do.

In a decent year like the Hawks are having, heck yes you bank on protecting home court and going 3-0. I expect it, no less.
In a decent year like the Hawks are having, heck yes you bank on protecting home court and going 3-0. I expect it, no less.

yep - I expect home court to be protected and I expect losses on the road. If you do that every year, you'll have a good floor expectation for your team. Now, that doesn't mean they won't lose at home, or they won't win a few on the road. They might, that's all part of it, but it typically evens out. Now, you may have a season where you return a bunch or you have high expectations. I would probably change my expectations a little for that type of squad. One that is full of Jr. and Sr.'s, maybe next season if things shake out how they look...but for this team? Splitting was always gonna be good enough for me, anything extra was going to be icing.
They beat MSU on the road. They are good, and I don't like to admit it.

If Iowa is going to lose a home game, psu will be the one.
You expect to lose every road game right? Do you really expect Iowa to be a 4/5 seed with 12 losses (assumes 1 BTT loss)?

The point being where Iowa happens to sit today really has no barring on where we end up. Those seeding scenarios don’t take any stock in future schedules.

Now I wouldn’t go as so far as to be panicked about NCAA with a loss Thursday, but anxiety would start to set in.

Your last sentence is exactly where I will be.