Pac 10 tournament

Kirk Smith from Boise St, ranked #2 and seeded first not only loses but loses to an unseeded kid from Oregon State 9-2. Only 1 auto qualifier from 184 in the Pac 10 so he's going to have to make it as a wild card. There are only 5 wild card spots available at 184 so he may not make it. If he does get 3rd and gets a wild card they have to take the kid that gets 2nd in the Pac 10 too....don't they?

Boise St. had the #1 seed at 197 too and he lost.

Bad day for the #1 seed at HWT as he lost as well.
I would be SHOCKED if Kirk Smith didn't get a wild card!!

The kicker for Boise here is that Casperson at 197 lost a 2nd time and is going for 5th now. I know that they had to be counting on points from him at nationals and he'll probably need to jump some guys that finished ahead of him at this tourney to get a wild card. Not unheard of but very rare and unlikely...
I see Smith medical forfeited his consolation match so maybe he got hurt in the first match or came in to the tournament hurt?
He was hurt at the beginning of the year(back) and sat out until National Duals and then hurt his knee 2 weeks ago and medical fft to Perry from Oklahoma State.

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