Oklahoma State

DAMN good! On paper, this was 5 wins for both teams -- a total toss-up. Sometimes the final scores are misleading, but 22-9 was really what took place on the mat. Iowa's guys were more aggressive than usual on their feet from the get-go, and it paid off. Caliago's one TD move had me jumping off the couch -- so dang quick and strong -- I love watching that guy. Kennedy made it look easy. And for the first time perhaps all season, Woods looked like he had the eye of the tiger -- which is what he's gonna need to make the podium this year. Easily one of the team's best showings of the year.
This was my first time seeing Okie State. I figured they'd be in the hunt for 2nd place -- or at least the podium Top 4 -- at the NCAAs along with Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, NCState -- but I was not impressed with them at all today. I don't see them beating any of those teams -- or Iowa St. for that matter -- if they repeat today's effort.
Very nice performance in a hostile environment.

Just being picky, but Voinovich was frustrating to watch today. He needs to learn how to get immediate leverage when he gets in on a shot. Too many pauses. As Jim Gibbons likes to say, "Bring your hips to the party."

The official was very annoying. Way too much chatter.
Teske looked good though he really didn't have a shot at beating Fix. At the end Fix was a bit gassed and Teske was pushing him around a bit.

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