Mount Rushmore of centers 1980 to now


I can’t remember if Reggie Evans was a forward or a center, but if he was a center, he’d be up there somewhere on that list.
Lohaus and Jepsen (The Pride of Bowbells) don't make my list. They both only scored in double digits their senior year and really didn't contribute a ton until then. Adam Woodbury never did score double digits, but started all but one game in his career at Iowa and was very good defensively. He would be on my Honorable Mention list. I would put Erek Hansen, who led the B1G twice in blocked shots, on that list as well. Jared Reiner might also squeeze onto that list. He really should have been granted an addition year by the NCAA. Steve Krafcisin is very close to the Mount. He only played three years here, but was instrumental on the 1980 FF team. In fact, he may still be the only player in history that played in the Final Four for two different teams, having also gotten there with UNC.

My Mount Rushmore would include Greg Stokes, Acie Earl, with Luka Garza taking the prominent spot in the middle. He is a rare talent.

PS If you were to expand the time frame a couple of years, I would add the late Bruce "Sky" King to that list.

My main reason to put Lohaus and Jepsen in was their NBA career. Some of the other guys listed for some other posts played more of the power forward spot. I tried to stick with more of the strict center position. It is a tough position for the Hawks, not a lot of real good depth

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