Let's get it over, Hawks vs Peds official game thread.

Minny is at home I think
You are right.....in that case....reverse that to a W


only reason I pick Nebraska...at this point....who also sucks....I kind of see the same thing as last year.....they have a bit more offense than we do....and I'm really worried about our QB position at this point.
It is so obvious that unless you have a mobile QB that can run you are not going to win against the top 15 teams. PSU ran 96 or 97 offensive plays to Iowa's 32 or 33. PSU QB's ran frequently. They had more yards rushing than the entire Iowa offense. There are no excuses for an offense to be this bad. I don't care that McNamara is nursing an injury or two RB's were out, this falls on the offensive coaches. I really think the interim AD needs to suspend Brain Fart before the next game.
It's gotten worse without Doyle. Period.."
Great hire that dip shit from ndsu
O line is terrible it’s recruiting has fallen way off

O line needs to go with Brian. Wtf? It's been since 2000 that we've been skunked.
And Barnett continues to be the "Teflon Don."

Brian hasn't shown he has what it takes as a coordinator, but this offensive line nevetheless has gone backwards since the day Barnett arrived. Kirk can spin it all he wants, but Barnett hasn't shown one iota of coaching ability. None.

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