JBo Attacker.....a former Cyclone???


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He wasn’t the one who assaulted someone so hard to pin this incident on him. IMO Jordan hasn’t done anything out of line online


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If you're 30 and still sucker punching college kids and assaulting citizens out in public, I hope they put that said person in jail. Keeping it real and being hard has consequences.
This is something I totally agree with you on.


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I think news that this was an ex ISU football player changes the narrative about this entire thing, but that’s just me. I mean, they likely knew each other. This scum bag sucker punched him when he was basically daring the other dude to do it. And it turns out he's an ISU ex football player? Fuck ISU and the thugs they produce.

Highly doubt they knew each other, the guy is a former walk on that is 30 years old who played a different sport.

Personally I know people are quick to dump on JBo but the guy got punched. I think we all want to exist in a society where we don't punch each other over dumb stuff.


are you sure? He sustained serious injury from the assault that required stitches and he had to go to an ER. That's probably going to fall into the class D felony department
Totally sure. Other than this thing he's got 4 traffic tickets making up his criminal record. He's gonna pay a fine, get a year of probation, and have to pay medical bills. If he gets convicted.