Getting Manhandled

Over the past 30 years there may have been a time when there was a bigger gap between the #1 team and the rest of the field, but I can't think of it. I have to go back to the mid-'90s when the Hawks crowned 5 NCAA champs, I believe, at the UNI-Dome. I was there, and it was a blast. But now the Nits have 3 Fr ranked in the Top 10, and 5 guys ranked #1. I have to wonder if this isn't getting a little boring for Sanderson -- Penn St. really has no serious competition right now.
I think our athletic director needs to take a close look at all of our sport coaches.And stop giving them 10 year contracts.
Sanderson has won 10 national titles coaching to Gable's 15.

I'm guessing CS is going for the record.
Hawks in need of some self examination imo. Hopefully Beth can help them? We don't like takedowns so much anymore, we struggle to ride or to turn. We struggle to get out from the bottom. We tend to wait and let the opponent determine how the match flows. It is not a good trend or is very entertaining to watch.

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