kirk ferentz

  1. HNMitchSmith

    Biggest "What-If's" of the Ferentz era

    What if Ricky Stanzi hadn't gotten hurt against Northwestern? What if the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God never happened? Dave Scwhartz and I went back through the Ferentz era and came up with our 10 biggest "What-If's." What if a decision or an injury that went one way against the Hawkeyes...
  2. HNMitchSmith

    2016 Iowa football: Positives & Concerns

    In my latest article, I put together my four reasons to be hopeful, and four reasons to be concerned about Iowa football in 2016 (Story can be read here: I'm interested in hearing what other fans think. What is the biggest...
  3. H

    A 5-6 Nebraska beating 11-0 Iowa this year?

    A Nebraska writer says Iowa will be undefeated for the Nebraska game this season. Iowa plays for cfb playoff and Nebraska for a bowl game. Says this year's heroes game will actually matter...
  4. UIClassof13

    Questions from a new Hawkeye

    Hey, I will be enrolling at U of I in January for undergrad. Having just started paying close attention to Hawkeye sports last month when I decided to go to U of I, I was just wondering how long the strong opposition to Kirk Ferentz has been present among this fan base. Having grown up in Big...
  5. H

    2011 Hawkeye Preview

    This person says 10-2 Hawk Thoughts: Iowa Football Preview » Caffeinated Thoughts