home games

  1. D

    Improving the atmosphere at Carver Hawkeye

    One idea to improve Carver's atmosphere (other than moving the students) or a large money improvement straight up, could be to appeal to the fact that it is under ground entirely. If Iowa could think of like maybe a "Pit" type thing, or another underground slogan or something catching like that...
  2. B

    Home Field Advantage

    Last October, I stupidly thought it would be a fun task to create my own football rankings, similar to the computer component of the BCS. Quickly it became an obsession, and I spent hours trying to find the math to justify different parts of my equations. The biggest ad hoc problem was measuring...
  3. frankswanson234

    I need TIX for any of remaining home games!!!

    If you have tix for any of Iowa remaining home games I'm here. I need three tickets for about 40-50 dollares each. THANKS!!! Just post here if you do:D