carver hawkeye arena

  1. D

    Improving the atmosphere at Carver Hawkeye

    One idea to improve Carver's atmosphere (other than moving the students) or a large money improvement straight up, could be to appeal to the fact that it is under ground entirely. If Iowa could think of like maybe a "Pit" type thing, or another underground slogan or something catching like that...
  2. Hawknick

    1000 home wins venue stats

    I looked into Iowa's 1000 wins and separated the winds per venue. Here are the stats for you. Close Hall 1901-1905 11 wins 3 losses 79% win rate. Old Armory (later became the library annex) 1905-1920 75 wins 39 losses 66% win rate. The Armory (would later adjoin Fieldhouse) 1920-1927...