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    Your Bold Predictions for 2022

    I swear there was at least one game last year the defense outscored the offense
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    Your Bold Predictions for 2022

    We score 20 TDs through the air. NOT saying Petras throws 20 TDs however....
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    Concerns coming into the yr

    I'm not even asking for 1.21 Gigawatts out of our offense, because that's just a pipe dream that I've only seen once during the KF era. But a spark, just a tiny that too much to ask?
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    Concerns coming into the yr

    My brain knows (or at least I think it does) that you're being sarcastic...but my heart hopes to hell you're spot on!
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    It’s the offense stupid

    This. And now the alternative is probably going to be a guy who either fair catches or lets the punt roll down to our 2 yard line. I only know of 4 QBs in the KF era that could consistently handle a 90+ yard drive and Petras isn't one of them.
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    ESPN B1G pre-season rankings

    This could be a very real possibility after losing CJ
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    The Wolverine Loves the Hawks

    Wasn't the coach in "Coach" based off of Hayden Fry
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    Is #15 Iowa's Greatest All Time Player? Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Iowa BB?

    I'm not saying he should be on the Mt. Rushmore of Iowa but I never see Acie Earl's name in discussions of all time Hawkeye greats. Was he not as good as I remember? I'd probably have Chris Street on my Mt. Rushmore...
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    Poll: Iowa NCAA Tournament #5 Seed Bid.

    I voted under seeded. They deserved a 4 but I’m happy with where they are. Being under seeded sets you up for a good run and we are past due. Furthermore, we weren’t even expected to be in this thing so we’re playing with house money. Keep this train rollin!
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    Cry me a freaking river

    I guess that means Indiana is 20 points better than Purdue....
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    Padilla needs to start next game!

    "With all due respect to Spencer Petras, Alex Padilla gives us the best chance to win." - Me, Nov 6 2021
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    Who of you attended the 2014 game in College Park MD?

    Blacking out the Hawks? That worked great for the Clowns....
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    How scary is it

    For me, personally, Petras has shown he can hit the passes that matter in the moment we need it. There were times in the CSU game that felt like we could score at will and we simply weren't (for whatever reason). I agree with the synopsis that he's getting better and that's important. We...
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    So not to be a negative Nancy....

    My point is that people are getting hung up on stats. We knew running against ISU would be tough sledding (which I stated). I proceeded to mention that our total yard output is related to our incredibly good field position by defense and special teams. Total yards are hard to come by when you...
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    So not to be a negative Nancy....

    I'm with you on the PSU game for sure. Both teams will likely be undefeated and it will be the spotlight on us this go around. Huge game. The road to the West always seems to run through Madison as well....