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    B1G Happenings 2021-22

    Rutgers @ Nebraska on January 20th. has been postponed due to health and safety protocols within the Nebraska program.
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    Sunday's Iowa-IU Women's Game Postponed

    That worked out well for Indiana since they would of been missing possibly 3 starters.
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    B1G Happenings 2021-22

    Iowa's game Sunday with Indiana has been postponed.
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    B1G Happenings 2021-22

    Michigan State was dealt another blow. Coach Suzy Merchant announced guard Moria Joiner will miss the rest of the season due to concussion issues. Moria played in every game and started in 5.
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    B1G Happenings 2021-22

    Due to a Covid 19 protocols within the Indiana program, Wednesday's game against Michigan State has been postponed. Hawks fans that probably means our game with Indiana on Sunday might not be played.
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    Caitlin Clark Named B1G Player of Week for 3rd Week in Row

    I'm sure they meant to say 4th. triple double instead of double double.
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    B1G Happenings 2021-22

    Caitlin Clark got her 3rd. triple double of the year as the Hawks beat Nebraska. Clark had 31 points 10 rebounds 10 assists. Michigan beat Maryland 69-49
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    STANDNGS FOR 2021-22

    Updated 1-17
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    Updated 1-17
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    Iowa at Nebraska

    You really thrive on calling people names. That's really big of you. You must have a problem with reading. I've said it's across the board. Do you understand that? The Nebraska was horrid! lain and simple. You just keep posting all your little smart remarks and I'll just post what I want to. I...
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    Iowa at Nebraska

    Like I said if you don't watch it you have no place to be criticizing anyone. You don't like women's basketball or the women's threads then stay off of them and don't watch. It's really very simple. I'm very happy that you faithfully check in on the women's thread. Yes the refs are horrible in...
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    Wake up, little Carver, wake up, it is the official Indiana vs Iowa game thread

    I'm thinking TWN towers. Has a familiar Hawk ring to it.
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    Wake up, little Carver, wake up, it is the official Indiana vs Iowa game thread

    Very nice win for the Hawks! Great game for Kris!
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    Iowa at Purdont

    The 3 point shooting is a head scratcher. Unreal.