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    Joe Toussaint in the Portal

    Corn and soybean prices are high. No reason our farm friends aren't paying big bucks for good players
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    I can't believe Fran didn't get pissed and red faced like he usually does when we play bad. I think he thought we would turn the switch on at somepoint and it didn't happen. It was like he wasn't concerned until the last five minutes of the game
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    Yesterday thoughts

    Thought maybe Fran would go to more than A token press to get us moving. 90ft of pressure and constant subbing. Also pissed me off we gave their big guy bunny's. Guy shoots 48% from the FT line. Could have created a couple more possessions right there. Easy to second guess. Good season...
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    ESPN on why Iowa keeps failing in NCAAs

    Well said HH56
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    Is #15 Iowa's Greatest All Time Player? Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Iowa BB?

    Has to be Garza, two time national player of the year... enough said
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    Nice to have classy players

    In most cases I absolutely agree. But the fact he motivated his son from the Pillsbury dough boy to two time player of the year, Murray has improved leaps and bounds this year (4th in country scoring) and has mentioned the Garza's for some of his success. How about Caitlin Clark who leads the...
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    Nice to have classy players

    They seriously need to put Garza's dad on the staff. What an inspirational and motivational individual he is.
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    That thug coach from Rutgers should be kicked out of the Big Ten

    6 technicals total, CMac got tossed for getting two techs also
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    That thug coach from Rutgers should be kicked out of the Big Ten

    The Rutgers strength and conditioning coach went roid rage
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    No thread about Perkins?? Connor's treys??

    He is athletic, can jump out of the gym, and is 6'4. With jbo starting at 6'1, we need his size to match up with opponents bigger guards and......rebound. JT is best on ball defender, and Ulis is best of the 3 in going to the rim. Perkins is more of a scorer, and it's starting to show.
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    Unsung heros

    The three guards we have in JT, Perkins, Ulis have changed how Fran approaches the game. In years past we could not play man D because we had no one to stop the penetration. We also did not have guards who could break a defense down on offense. These three unsung heros don't always show up in...
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    I got busted today, just got home from jail

    Screw the copy of the ticket, send us the dash
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    Indiana Game: Digging Into The Stats.

    Someone on another post stated our guard's defense is weak. We are very athletic at that position. JT, Ulis, Perkins can man up on anyone. Wonder if we will see Perkins 6-4, in starting lineup to match up with bigger guards and help rebound
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    Im Going To Say this Again

    If Nunge would have stayed, this team would be stupid good
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    2 capable running backs and OLine came to life; mostly really good defense

    Hawks mn is right about QB. We gave QB alot of lead way this year because of young line. Today he had a good pocket and time to throw. Missed a wide wide open Ragaini .....not even the 6 minute mark in 3rd and again at the 13 minute mark in 4th. Screws up a 4th and inches by...