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    Brian's Quote: "If this is my last season as Iowa's OC, I'm at peace with that."

    That's why the pressure is on. Running out of excuses for lack of production. Can't hide forever when your ranking is 131 out of 131. Total embarrassment
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    More indiscretions tied back to Iowa football program

    Make him the offensive coordinator. He can't do worse than #131
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    Ahron Ulis, Josh Ogundele in Portal

    It looks like the majority of Penn St's team hit the Portal
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    My 2 cents

    I feel the loss of Jack Nunge haunted us the last 2 years. This year we had one big man, Rebraca. He played great, but he was it. We had no choice but to win or lose via jumpers and 3's
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    What do y'all think about Brian's pay cut and ultimatum announced publicly today?

    Spot on. Only trying to appease the fan base and sport writers.... nothing more. Damage control after KF figuratively told Hawkeye nation to f... off in his press conference.
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    When does the shoe drop on the OC?

    They cash big paychecks real well
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    When does the shoe drop on the OC?

    Hope you are right...but have my doubts
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    One of several things I would hope for next year (2023)

    I don't care who the coach is, if you shoot like we did tonight, no team will win. Connor, Patrick, Uhlis, Perkins, Bowen, and Sandfort combine for 4-40. Same 6 were 3-18 on threes
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    Joe Labas Steps into Iowa Football Spotlight

    KF will have to explain why he hasn't played all year. We all know very well KF doesn't like getting those questions.
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    I love Fran......but

    You can't get a tech in the last five minutes of a tight game. Those points off free throws may have been the difference tonight
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    Iowa Bowl Game

    Free ticket with dollar hotdogs and beer and I'm there
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    Howe: Can Cade McNamara Fix Iowa Offense?

    You are correct, and the numbers and offensive rankings back up your statements
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    Huskers ready to hire new OC

    Somebody send Brian's resume.....but juice it up Abit first
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    2022 bowl opponent

    If you need a warm vacation, book a cruise, get the drink package, and soak up the sun. Better alternative imo
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    Pick the Starting QB for next season

    If the line doesn't block better, it's a moot point