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    Iowa vs Rutgers Stats

    I have never seen a team shoot as many air-balls as Iowa did last night. Unbelievably poor shooting night.
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    Game Preview: Hawkeyes Set for Sunday Matinee at Minnesota

    From the "The Gophers announced two assistant coaches and four players (Eric Curry, Sean Sutherlin, Danny Ogele and Joey Kern) out for Sunday's game against Iowa due to either illness, COVID-19 health and safety protocols or injury, per release."
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    Game Preview: Hawkeyes Set for Sunday Matinee at Minnesota

    A win at Minnesota would be great. I think the Hawks need to get back-to-back road wins to get the attention of the pollsters and creep into the top 25. More wishful thinking.
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    Im Going To Say this Again

    Agree this team has potential and was impressed with their defense and mental toughness in the second half against Indiana. It will be interesting to see if they can follow it up with a good performance at Minnesota on Sunday. Also, most of their losses were on the road against pretty good...
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    This Year's Banished Words

    "Just sayin"
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    Iowa-Nebraska Postgame Content Links

    Hilarious . . . " the Huskers just Huskered."
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    Anyone been lurking in on the Husker boards? Are they on the edge of the cliff?

    I checked out a few and they are mostly pissed at Scott Frost and want him fired. There were a few posts talking crap about Iowa, however, others responded that they should probably not talk crap about a team that owns them.
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    Former Hawk Anthony Herron very good on BTN preview show for final weeks games

    Agree. Loved his comment, "generations of fans have watched Adrian Martinez."
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    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    That's football.
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    Penn State Postgame Content Links

    Loved the pics in the photo gallery. I usually don't look at them, but, glad I did this time. The expressions, details, etc. are great. It reminded me of when I was a kid many years ago and would cut pictures out of SI or the newspaper and tape them to the wall in my bedroom. Nostalgic...
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    Penn state vs Hawkeye

    It certainly would have been more difficult, but, the Hawks were only down 17-10 when PSU had to bring in the backup QB. I agree with SSC that Parker would have made appropriate adjustments at half-time. I think the Hawks win either way.
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    Petras early vs later in games; can Brian F get him rolling early

    Despite the slow start against Penn St., I was impressed with the way he stayed calm, hung in there despite the pressure, and his overall toughness. He looked like a leader. Agree with the comment about the O-line protecting him better. Hopefully, they will all keep improving each game.
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    I thought he flopped
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    The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

    Didn't like the combination of JBo and CJ in together the last few minutes of the half. CJ has been off the last couple games. Both are defensive liabilities in this game. Joe, Murray, Patrick and Perkins all have the athleticism to match up better with Oregon. My 2cents. Go Hawks.
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    Hawkeyes Past, Present, Future Share Feelings on Racial Injustice

    WTF - just doesn't know when to shut up. :rolleyes: