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    Does KF Owe Anything To The Fans?

    Well, if you wait for your first road game out of state to be against the #2 team in the country, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Maybe you should have started a little lower, like a game against Illinois.
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    In age of realignment Big Ten needs one

    Scrsp divisions and go to a schedule where everybody gets 5 protected rivals they play every year. Then have the top 2 teams play in the CCG. Iowa's 5 rivals would be Neb, Minn, Wisc, NW, and ILL. The other 8 teams Iowa would play 50% of the time. Set it up so Iowa alternates plays 2 of the...
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    Same situation in future should hawks kick a field goal or go on 4th and 3 close to the goalline

    It worked against Nebraska to kick FG's to catch up. It would not have made a difference against Michigan.
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    This likely does not change the outcome, but the no call on the targeting of Petras

    Nothing will change the outcome, but there seemed to be many plays where Iowa WR were getting mugged and nothing was called. It would also help if the Iowa FB would not trip over his own feet on Halfback option trick play. And it would help if Iowa offense would get at least some points when...
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    In age of realignment Big Ten needs one

    One thing is clear. The best team in the conference always comes out of the East. But in terms of over all win-loss records during the regular season, the 2 divisions are surprisingly equal. In 2021, for example,, the east had a 11-10 record against the West in the regular season, 12-10...
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    KF Regrets Last Week's Comments About Deuce Hogan

    Did you notice Kirk did not take back his implication that Duece would have basically sucked if he was forced to play. Kirk back-pedaled saying any QB that is 3rd string would not be ready, but the damage is done. Kirk could have apologized by stating Duece would have done fine if forced into...
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    Riley Moss, Charlie Jones Highlight Hawkeyes' All-B1G Day 1 Honorees

    Moss is the 5th Iowa player to win Big Ten DB of the year in 10 years. Michah Hyde, Desmond King, Josh Jackson , Amani Hooker have won previously. A great job once again by Phil Parker. Charlie Jones winning Big Ten return specialist of the year is also great job by Levar Woods . Didn't...
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    Iowa #13 in College Football Playoff

    Because they beat #2 Mich?
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    Head Coaching Carousel: Brian Kelly to LSU

    Wouldn't it be funny if Luke Fickel goes to Notrre Dame, and then Notre Dame and Cincinatti end up playing each other in the playoffs? By the way, I see that auto correct tried to change my spelling from Fickel to Fickle, so now I understand why everybody is spelling his name wrong.
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    Can we hang with michigan???

    If MSU can beat Mich and if both Neb and PSU can keep it within 3 points against Mich, then Iowa has a chance.
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    Lincoln Riley to USC leaving Oklahoma

    Is he afraid of the SEC?
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    Can we hang with michigan???

    Iowa has won 5 of its last 7 games against Mich. Iowa has nothing to worry about.
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    Big Ten Title Game Poster

    It should have been all defensive players for Iowa on the poster. Or better yet, Iowa's kicker and punter!
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    Yes folks (soon) your West Champions are the Iowa Hawkeyes

    Yes none of that co-champions BS! Outright champions! That sounds so much better!
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    People associated with Iowa Football say they officially at least tied for West Div title? True?

    If Wisconsin wins today,, I agree that Iowa should be recognized somehow for finishing in a tie for 1st place, but should not be called a division champion or co-champion because Iowa lost the tiebreaker. There is only one division champion. The team that wins the tiebreaker and goes to the CCG.