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    Oc and OL coaches

    From my observation it's not so much they get manhandled as they just miss too many assignments.
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    Badgers hiring Fickell

    With the exception of some great RBs I never thought Wisconsin's offense was anything to write home about.
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    Iowa-TCU Basketball Takeaways

    And another point guard coming next year.
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    Kirk and Brian knew...

    Like Charlie Bell
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    Iowa Basketball Signs 3 in '23 Class

    I don't get that vibe at all. He had multiple Big Ten offers, including MSU. A more athletic version of Garza.
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    One more 2023 recruit

    I thought he was playing professionally in Jedda.
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    One more 2023 recruit

    Fran said he may sign one more recruit in the early signing period this month.
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    One more 2023 recruit

    Any idea who the additional 2023 recruit could be? I'm assuming a big man
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    Jeff Horner Bringing Team Back to Iowa

    I remember a brawl almost broke out when he was the assistant coach for N.D. at the end of their game with Iowa.
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    Weiskamp officially gone

    So will he collect on his $4,375,000 "guaranteed" contract? If so, all his hard work paid off.
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    Transcript: Fran McCaffery B1G Media Day

    I'm a little baffled that the media poll has Iowa 7th in the conference. If I were a wagering man I'd put money on them being at least in the top 5. They did get one first place vote though.
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    Does anyone doubt this will be another amazing year for Iowa basketball?

    I'll be shocked if they're not at least in the top half of the conference by the end, unless they have a key injury or two. Unclear what impact the new players will have but a lot of experienced and productive guys back.
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    Does anyone doubt this will be another amazing year for Iowa basketball?

    Iowa's ability to put waves of guards out there, to paraphrase Izzo, was a major strength last year. This year it may depend on the walk-on Nimmers and Dix being healthy.
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    Watching Jones and Tracy carve up PSU

    No wonder they talked about playing him at RB, they didn't even use him on the jet sweep.
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    Did Iowa strike out with Powers and Estrella?

    I saw Iowa just offered a new big man, I take that as a bad sign.