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    Make your case

    He doesn’t have 8 consecutive wins, 5 in a row against ranked opponents, so he should definitely start!
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    5th in AP, 7th in Coaches Poll

    I think we want ISU to continue to be ranked high and go on a pro-longed winning streak!
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    Josh Dix Commits to Hawkeyes Here's a very good sample video of Josh's skillset. Looks like he can shoot, penetrate, pass, defend and handle. Should be a solid pick up.
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    Initial Game thoughts

    Spencer Petras=7 wins in a row!
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    '23 OK Guard Discusses Recent Iowa Offer

    He has offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Va Tech and Illinois, besides Iowa. I'll trust Fran on this one.
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    JBo sez

    Nope, I don’t know your wife, but JBo does, or at least so he sez???
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    JBo sez

    You two forgot to say JBo sez… I was glad I could add a solid basketball analogy!
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    JBo sez

    JBo sez “I might be a little late for practice today coach, I just got done with penetration drills and dropping bombs on MelroseHawkins’ wife. She opened up both sides of the court for a little open gym sesh. Her backcourt game is slamming. A little loose, so I stepped back and rained on her...
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    JBo sez

    I would love to play shuffleboard with JBo!
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    JBo sez

    JBo sez, I might be a little late for practice today coach, I have to live my life so those on HawkeyeNation can obsess over how I do it!
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    I haven't watched one second of one NBA game in over two years. Who's good? Are the finals soon?
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    Iowa Athletics Allowing Alcohol Sales at Kinnick, Carver

    Who knew you could generate revenue with the sales of alcohol and sporting events. I hope the expand the jail cells in the basement of Kinnick!
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    JBo Reddit Thread Highlights

    Not that I am aware of but it would make sense. Per speculation on my part.
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    JBo Reddit Thread Highlights

    I would guess Jordan's attorney has advised him to backoff social media in the interim.
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Unless anyone knows Jordan personally, the only way they can think he is a douche is based on heresay. I think it’s ridiculous to think Jordan is a douche just based on heresay or something somebody types on Twitter. He very well may be a douche, but personally I do not know that to be fact...