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    Howe: What I'm Looking Forward to Seeing from Iowa Football in 2022

    I like our safeties and think our corners might be really good too. I hope to see improved o line play and more accurate passing no matter who qb is. If we can hit those play action passes we will be much better. I think Luke lachey might have a big season too
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    The 22/23 Schedule

    6-8 wins
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    Need to find a QB and an OLine

    Didn’t we win 12 games in 2015?
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    Iowa needs a Nick Bell, a Shonn Greene, or a Ron Dayne

    We need a thumper for for sure and better o line play honestly
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    Tyrone Tracy Out

    Best of luck to him.
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    Who stays and who goes

    Looks like t Tracy has made it official. That one is not a surprise. Best of luck to him
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    Who stays and who goes

    I wonder how many more hit the portal or if folks hit the NFL path? Any opinions. Our biggest loss last year may have been when Mark K decided to step away. Hopefully our young linemen put in some weight and gained from the experience. i Hope Campbell sticks around but not sure he will...
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    With Adrian Martinez in the portal

    No thanks
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    Depth chart released

    Saw something saying Riley might be back in this week.
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    Iowa 6.5 point favorites over Minny Mouse

    I hope our tackling is better. Lost in all the other drama as I rewatched the game our tackling was really bad and Evan Hull isn’t super elusive
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    Iowa/Northwestern Predictions

    24-17 good guys
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    O line?

    it’s pretty bad. seemed better early on so will be interesting to see if we look a bit better going forward. But it’s definitely a glaring issue. We need to run some screens and draws maybe early as fitz will be bringing the blitz all night I’d guess
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    2021 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 10 Michigan st
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    2021 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 9 Wake Forest