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    Portal opens 4-15

    If we can get one more wr and some depth at cb, ol, and lb I’d feel really good. This wr from Ohio state is a great start but I’d like to get the kid from Michigan and some serviceable depth at those other positions
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    I’m not sure what we are doing. We need wr and o line. We don’t need all American wr but serviceable and I’d think we could get an OL at least. I’m hoping they are just keeping it quiet. We need to get a bit more help. There are decent cb and lb we could add for depth too. You’d think at...
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    That should help recruiting and maybe portal. Get to work quickly please
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    Time to hit the portal for a couple WR
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    Portal left overs

    What happens to all the people still out there? They hoping for late offers or playing as walk-ones? I guess if the prior school will take them back maybe ? Seems like a lot of players in that spot.
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    Nick Jackson

    Thought I saw something yesterday about him becoming a Hawkeye via portal. Anyone else see that or know any update ?
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    Big Ten Recruiting Rankings

    Overall a solid class. Wish we had done a bit better in the portal
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    Alex Padilla Headed to SMU

    Texas tech I think
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    Joe Evans Returning for 6th Season

    This is awesome
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    Van Ness declared

    Good for him. Aaron graves and others can do same next year. Would have loved to have him back but I think we will be ok on DL still
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    Seth Anderson Commits to Iowa Football

    This is a good start Now let’s get another wr and some ol and other help
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    Per Leistikow, LaPorta Is QB3

    This could set up for a double pass nicely
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    Howe: Wishing Kadyn Proctor Well

    I wish him the best but the timing of this and the “settling” comment did sting a bit. Bottom line we could’ve probably coughed up more cash if we really that he was that important as it seems like it was influenced a lot by the $
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    Iowa Flips IL DB Teegan Davis from Eastern Illinois

    Eastern Illinois got sweet revenge on the bb court today.
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    17 Commits for 2023

    At least 2 wr and mota is still too is what I’ve seen.