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    Iowa Baseball's Trenton Wallace Named All-American

    Congrats Trenton!
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    Brody and baseball

    craps on your fingers?
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Lost interest in the NBA some time ago. I couldn't tell you who is good and who isn't.
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    Iowa @ Northwestern Series Thread

    Got to watch just part of it. Great win! Go Hawks!
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    Things seem to be getting interesting in Green Bay

    He was instrumental in getting the previous head coach fired also. He is a HOF player but also a major pain to put up with.
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    Austin Ash

    I got my first chuckle of the day! Easily humored I guess.
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    Iowa vs Indiana Series Thread

    Cannot give up that many runs and expect to win.
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    Things seem to be getting interesting in Green Bay

    Dig deeper! Receivers that left GB have said that Rodgers never accepts any blame.
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    Hawkeyes Continue Hot Pursuit of Kyle Filipowski

    You brought this on all by yourself 56. You can try to cover your ass all you want but your post history tells a different story.
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    Austin Ash

    Also, Carver, from I've heard and read is not much of a draw either. Seating doesn't help!
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    It's rebuild time again.
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    Chauvin Verdict

    I think (hope) you have #1 and #3 mixed up. JMHO.
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    Iowa vs Northwestern LIVE

    Hawks leading 5-4
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    My dad use to say a dog that craps fast don't crap for long. No runs yesterday!