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    Upset watch

    Purdue defensive line is good. Just held Wisconsin to a field goal on a first an goal from the 1 yard line.
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    Brian Ferentz Looking for Answers on Offense

    One thing we know almost certainly is the Hawks will try to run the ball against Wisconsin. Will we try the same stretch plays and try to execute the ball down the field or will we get creative and try some misdirection, some trickeration ? I could see this game getting away from us in a hurry...
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    Trying to hide QB caught up to us

    Whatever changes or improvements are made by BF, it couldn't come at a worse time. Facing Wisconsin in there house against their defense is going to be brutal. I look for Wisconsin to send the house at Petras and he will be lucky to come out of that game with his head attached to his body. I...
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    Iowa #11 in coaches poll

    Certainly Purdue won in the trenches both sides of the ball. When you have a David Bell running routes and DB's 5 yards off him and give a D1 quarterback all day long to throw, you are going to look bad. Next week should shed some light on how good Purdue's O line is. If they can keep Wisconsin...
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    Say something positive`

    I limited myself to just 1 $9.50 beer inside Kinnick on Saturday.
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    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    If what you say is accurate, name one other team in the country that lays 3 to 5 yards off of receivers as part of their scheme. We did not put any pressure on the QB and it looked like we were scared to get up into their receivers. If that's the scheme going forward we are in a world of hurt.
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    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    Purdue dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage, d backs learned you can't give 5 yards of room for every Purdue receiver, Petras has cement shoes on, and we were flat out coached. Furthermore, a drunk dude in a wheelchair has a better chance of escaping pressure than Petras.
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    Purdue Game Prediction Thread

    I see a close game.Hawks hang on for 31 28 win.
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    Who'll ask Kirk about fake injuries or Franklin's criticism of Iowa fans or coaches?

    Maybe he would do that on any other occasion, but not now. Captain is way too experienced to fall into a distraction. I don't care what he is asked at the presser......if he doesn't cut thru the crap and focus on the game ahead I will be shocked. He's got the team at #2, riding a winning streak...
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    Who'll ask Kirk about fake injuries or Franklin's criticism of Iowa fans or coaches?

    The Captain is way too experienced and savvy to fall into that crap. He will side step that like T Good in traffic. 2 in the country and things looking good Captain is focused on Purdue and nothing else. He is preaching discipline, focus, and coaching up the troops you are now the hunted. Keep...
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    Some interesting halfway point Massey numbers

    Nebbie had Michigan in choke hold that 2nd half and well Martinez did what he does best....turned it over. When we play them if Martinez is still healthy and he plays the way he is capable of playing and doesn't turn it over it's going to be a dogfight.
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    Penn state vs Hawkeye

    Great win. You trolls who think Penn St. should have won if Clifford doesn't go down ..........can suck it.
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    Iowa/Penn St Predictions

    Hawks 17 Penn St. 13 tight game the whole way. Hawks with a stop at the end for the win.
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    Urban Meyer caught cheating on his wife

    Appears ol Urbie had his hands in the cookie jar. Wonder if he found the one he wanted?
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    Make them say Bloody Mary game thread

    Last night was a perfect example of why the Captain preaches don't turn it over. Nice win for the Hawks.