Who of you attended the 2014 game in College Park MD?


uhhhh, you must not have noticed me sitting in the section next to you then....lol

I do wear a pair of binoculars but it's not to watch the game with. Once in a while I lose track of where my son is on the field during the pre game and halftime shows, and sometimes I like to spy on him in the stands.
It was just a joke. Except for huckfinn. He’s that guy.


What a clever response! Guess I left you speechless.


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Blacking out the Hawks? That worked great for the Clowns....

Am I the only one that absolutely finds it mind boggling that an opponent would intentionally chose a black out against a team that wears black at home? IMO, and it means absolutely nothing, it feels less like a road game, regardless of the noise, if I'm looking out into the stands and seeing my school color. Maybe I'm over thinking it but it makes absolutely no sense to me.


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BF…You may want to try binocs..
Might help you with game analysis
Just to clarify, I have been in every BT football stadium, some of them multiple times. You? I have only traveled twice with an agency. Once to Maryland and once to Rutgers. Avoids hassle. I always drive to Nebbie, ISU, Michigan, Ohio St., PSU, MSU, Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Minnesota, and my friend gives me 4 tickets to Camp Randall on the 35 yard line when my Hawks visit Madison. I live 90 minutes away. And, I take the Metra to NW and get dropped off 2 blocks from the stadium, along with a couple of hundred Iowa fans and some adult beverages. Post game a great little bar is the gathering place for IA and NW fans. Plenty of time to sober up on the Metra on the way back to WI.
That is just a small picture of my retirement adventures. Poor old Fry, who I have on ignore, thinks I am old and poor and behind the times on the tech world. Ha Ha Ha. How little he knows! But, shit, that never stops his diarrhea of the mouth and his superior and condescending attitude toward others. He is just plain sad. After many years on the planet, I have had to endure far too many like him. Now, I choose to ignore…
I have never been to Rutgers or Maryland. Living in Ohio for a while as a Big Ten fan was great - everyone is a worthwhile drive except Iowa, Newby, Minnie, and WI