Where to watch in Davenport?


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I will be in Davenport this weekend and am wondering where is the best place to watch the Hawkeyes? I will have my wife and two kids with me and, no, my wife will not watch the game at Hooters. Thanks.
Jersey Grille on 53rd St & Jersey Ridge in Davenport is a good spot with lots of TV's and good pizza.
I haven't been to Rookies since...roughly 1991? How long do no contact orders stay in place? They didn't like our Statue of Liberty shots...:rolleyes:
I second the Rookies suggestion. Jersey Grill is nice but the TV's are sort of farther away. At Rookies they are much closer. Plus their pizza is outstanding.
Filling station is a personal favorite, though rookies would get the job done. Both have reasonably priced food and a good sports atmosphere.
Both Sports Fans and The Filling Station are hard to beat. They are my personal favorites. I am not a fan of Rookies.