Was Padilla's lack of vocal volume a big issue against Nebby


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I just listened to the HawkCentral post Nebby game podcast and Leistikow said he heard directly from an unnamed source that maybe a major reason Padilla was taken out was because the team could not hear him well enough. Interesting if true and after having 'significant flu/cold' and barking out signals perhaps his voice was nearly gone.

Anyone else hear this from another source? And it sounds like Padilla was not feeling 100%.

We will see who starts this Saturday but perhaps bowl game prep will be the start of QB tryouts for #1.

Smith on the podcast said it seemed and was noted Petras did a really good job moving players around pre-snap.


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The Loser's crowd noise would have been deafening

Remember what Hawkeye Fans did to the Pedos

On the other hand

Couldn't hear a peep when we took the lead

And could actually hear the tears falling like rain

After the Interception:

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Why, Sweet Jesus, why couldn't we hold the lead

We had them

We Had Them
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