Unranked Iowa In the Big 10 Championship?


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Boy, this would be a first. I realize Iowa has one game to take care of, but, they could be the first team playing in the c-ship game that is unranked.



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I'd like to see:

Iowa show a lot of improvement running the ball and pass protection against Nebraksa .

All white alternative uniforms for INDY


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You did not go back far enough. In 2012, 7-5 Wisconsin played in the Big Ten CCG.

The huge asterisk here is that the two teams with a better conference record in the Leaders division that year (Ohio State at 8-0 and Penn State at 6-2) were ineligible to play in that game due to NCAA sanctions.
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Its rivalry week. There will be some upsets. If we beat Nebbie would not surprise me if Iowa sneaks in at 25. The AP writers understand the value in juicing up a match-up by giving out a ranking.


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No chance the CFP Committee doesn't put us in at 24/25 with a win this week. I'm honestly surprised they didn't put us in at 25 just to hype the Nebraska game a bit this week (emphasis on a bit).