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I'm kind of late to the ULM bandwagon. I first saw them in their bowl game last year. I believe it was their first bowl game. They did an Urban Meyer type thing at the beginning of the game. Several players were bloodied. Interesting.

Pretty sure I have the above correct.

My point is parity in college football. First scholarship equalization, then national tv for almost everyone. Why would someone go to Oklahoma, and sit for 2.5 to 3 years, when Rutgers, as an example several years ago, was all over ESPN? Take a look at the list of programs that have become FBS programs in the last 10 years. ULM was not so long ago a NAIA program. The same teams recruiting regionally, and to an extent nationally.

I think it's good for the game. The parity, playoffs, the soon to come stronger non-conference schedules. All of it. Even the bowl games, which many think will be marginalized.

Thoughts on my ramblings?


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It's like I'm watching a 7 on 7 drill. I do like my college football with a little defense sprinkled in.


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not a Baylor fan, that's for sure. have a friend who's a Baylor fan and he's surprisingly arrogant about it. apparently he's got a short memory as Baylor used to be terrible before RG3 and probably will be again now that he's gone.

i'm usually the type to root for underdogs.


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That just proved that onside kicks are now pointless. That bothers me. Take the hits away you take away pieces of the game.

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