Uhhh Has Anyone Seen Big O Lately?


Yeah why wasn't he just named Kofi Gonerrhea or something like that?

Personally Dick Trickle always sounded painful to me.
I like how they pronounce it Coh-burn to be nice and then pretend like that was the intended pronunciation back in the day.

Someone at some point should have just changed the family spelling to Coburn and saved all his kids and grandkids the ridicule.

We had something weird like that in my town. There are a ton of people with the last name “Stallman” and “Stallmann.” Funny thing is they’re all related. Back in the day there were two brothers named Stallman…there was a huge family fight and they basically disowned each other. One brother didn’t want to be associated anymore so he legally changed his and his family’s name by adding an extra N on the end. They both stayed in town and after several generations now there are a ton of people from the same family with a different name. And I doubt anyone but the really old bastards remembers what the fight was about.


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WOW! He is a MAN and gonna be a difference maker for sure! Fran found himself yet another diamond in the rough and he is polishing up nicely.

I cannot wait to see how all the new shiney pieces fit together. This team is gonna be fun! Top 5 BIG!


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I don’t have a Twitter account. Any way to copy and post what you guys are referring too so I can check it out?


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Damm, didn't see that skill set. Repeatable set shot, slimmer, athletic looking. That shot is money. Dare I say power forward skills. I guess going against Garza every day makes you a little better player. Hope he has half of Garza's drive.
1/2 of Luka's Drive? That is a Bunch. Big 'O' for sure. Sounds cool so far...


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Obviously, the presence of Luka Garza and playing with him is still paying off for Iowa. I was hoping he was going to learn under Garza and perhaps gain some of his work habits. This looks to be the case. Can't wait to watch him.