This Year's Banished Words


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Wait What
Asking for a friend
You're on mute
New Normal
That being said
At the end of the day
Chill out
Supply Chain
Circle back
Deep dive

I, of course, will still continue to use all these words and mini phrases



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If it hasn't been banished in previous years, I'd like to add "...long story short..." -- which always comes in the middle of 2 very long stories.
I will NEVER use the phrase "at the end of the day", which drives me the end of the day, we either go to sleep or die.


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That being said

Guilty as charged I use that phrase quite a bit. It’s a crutch.


Anytime I hear someone start a sentence with the word, "So....." I want to punch them in the mouth.

How and why did starting every sentence with So..... become a thing? It's like it's the new "ummmm..."


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Quirks! People have them. I knew a guy (now dead), who finished every sentence with (in there). It was usually hard to hear as he said it almost under his breath but it was there!


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Supply chain is the most used word in every finance bro's vocabulary from their first semester in college until they're about 45, so I don't think we're getting that one banished. My first internship in IT out of college another intern was an MIS major from Iowa State and his entire personality was the fact that he was going to get an MA in "Supply Chain."

I wonder what happened to Mitch the supply chain dude, but I cannot for the life of me what his last name was.

Edit: Did some googling and actually found him. Never did get that Master's, he's a financial analyst now.
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So, like...