The official night before the game, play your bench, guard the 3 point line, make your free-throws, Hoosier Daddy game thread

Well a 10 point lead


Turned into a 4 point hoosier lead

Indiana can slam us to the floor over and over

With no fouls called

However touch fouls and flops appear to be working for the hoosiers
Seems like the score was stuck on 24-16 for a long knew Indiana was going to make a run at some point
Minus Garza this is a .500 ball club. This is a bad Indiana team who played terrible basketball for 18 mins. Pathetic .
where have we seen this before. Oh yeah, in most of our games. Our inability to score amazes me. Luka getting mugged and it is always his fault.
Fran playing the bench more today and it looks like we get better defensively but take a nosedive on the offensive side of things.
How can we be one of the highest scoring teams in the country. We're getting hammered by the Hoosiers and called for ticky tac fouls on our end. We had two periods where we didn't score for several minutes. Sheesh!