Sunday Morning Thoughts...


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To the Iowa team and its fans,
Without a doubt, yesterday hurt. The fans had gotten caught up in the good wins against Indiana and Iowa State and the great one against Penn St. We had been looking at the rankings and drinking the kool aide of the national media and their notice of Iowa. We got involved in the Ferentz Franklin argument and the discussion of why we dont have a turnover prop for the defense. There was the discussion on us facing Georgia or Oklahoma in the National Championship game. There was so much extra this week with Homecoming that everything laid on you was a lot to carry. Even the Iowa sports writers were getting giddy instead of being impartial.
Yesterday you put it out on the field. You went out and played the game. That's the reason why we don't just play the games on paper. The fans didn't play the game, you did. We filled the stands and supported you, and as we saw our dreams start to crash and fall, we began to forget that you are a group of young men that have come from all over to play for Iowa. We put our frustrations on you and that wasn't fair. For some reason Purdue has our number and we cant seem to shake it right now. We've forgotten what it was like before Hayden and the early years of Kirk when we would fill the stands even though we were at the lowest point as a football team. We forgot what it was like to cheer a first down because that's all you had to cheer for. We forgot the 20+ seasons of nonwinning seasons.
Im not in the football meetings, building or otherwise. I wish our offense could do better. Sports pundits have noted that offensive lines this year haven't been as good as in past and that's the reason why we have the parity of college football this year. Texas A&M won because they were able to push Alabama's line around. Our line is not as good as we hoped. If Petras had a better line, would he be better as a QB? I don't know. Would TGood be getting better runs and would the D have more time to relax instead of being worn down during the games? Remember in 2015 the D was amazing but it wore down towards the end of the season as well. Was there something the D could have done yesterday to negate Bell or is it like some people are saying and they play the perfect offense to challenge our D? Is there that much of a drop from Moss to the next man or did everything just break right last night and that was that?
I will continue to support this team and want the best for them and from them. Yes I am still hoping for the playoffs and running the rest of the season. Yes I want the Big 10 championship and I want to play PSU again and beat them again. More importantly though, I want the guys to go on with their lives and be great in whatever they do. Win or lose, I will continue to support the Hawks and never, ever give up on them.