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Whatever happened to StorminSpank, anyway?

From Dec 10, 2013 in is own words:

Thanks for the comments from the majority of you. As Jon eluded to, time has been short as of late. Or should I say, I've chosen to spend my time on other things that are more important to me (mainly my kids)... Shane, I know you are a kid, but you aren't MY kid, so you don't count.

I am going to try to make a concerted effort to do some opinion pieces and look to do more when the conference slate starts. Sometimes message boards bring out the worst in me, so I have been trying to do my best to temper my time on the boards.

Go Hawks!


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Of course that's me. I was dreaming when I posted that. I actually look closer to what Val Kilmer looks like now rather than when he did the movie Tombstone.

I just want to know if you carry a virtual internet gun and how accurate your shot is.

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