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I went back and watched the key portions of the match with Ramos and something seemed off with Spencer.

About half way throught the second period his facial expression and body language changed. I can't really explain it, but something definitely shifted. He then chose neutral to start the third which was another red flag. Spencer has always been able to get out from bottom, and already was struggling to get to Ramos' legs, so the choice was very odd. Finally, at the end, he inexplicably didn't keep his feet back and focus on his hands/head defense knowing that Ramos was goint to scramble for points. That whole sequence didn't make sense.

Not to take anything away from Ramos, who wrestled a terrific match, but I wouldn't be shocked if we eventually find out that an injury occured to Spencer during the match. He's not one to use injuries as an excuse at all, and has stated as such, but there may be a secret here that eventually comes to light.

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