Preview: Rutgers Next Stop for Hawkeyes


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Hopefully no Covid issues ahead for our team as I saw tomorrow's MN/PSU game has been cancelled due to Covid issues within MN program. PSU has also had similar issues and they're our Sat. opponent.


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This is going to be a near impossible win. Rutgers is physical, playing well, very tough in a cruddy old barn known as the RAC. Could easily lose by 20.


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Fingers crossed but I'm not very optimistic either. Although this would be the first loss to a non quad 1 team if it happens.


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Tough matchup... No idea how Iowa is favored in it. I'll be tickled pink if we can keep it close and win. With their pg and Harper jr to a large degree we just gotta hope they take some tough shots and aren't shooting well. They are good.


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Will be an interesting matchup. Like others have said, I don't feel good about this one. But it will be fun seeing the Murrays go against Harper Jr. Along the same lines, I like the Joe T vs Baker matchup.


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I am not expecting Iowa to win this. Jbo jokes aside... Baker, Harper, Jr. and the white dude with the headband have been at Rutgers forever. They are going with some sort of retro uniforms so this is a big game for them.