Preview, Prediction: COVID Cancels Bret Bielema Homecoming


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I got a chuckle out of Chris Earl (KCRG) when he said on the newscast the load from Champaign got lighter with Bret Bielema being out. Not sure if he said this on purpose, or just a coincidental play on words.

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I like Bret. He’s obviously not in good physical shape; I hope he doesn’t end up with bad complications or worse.
He could have had a lifetime scholarship toiling for the Barry.

But he wasn't afraid to take his own shot, and that's always an admirable trait.

He's still chasing, but now he could make it work at a place it hasn't for a long time.

Iowa fans owe him a gratitude of debt for the talent he was largely responsible for bringing in from 1997-2001. Too bad he was gone when it came to fruition.

He also seems to have put his wild Madison bachelor ways behind him, which put him on notice around 2009 or so. He will still say what's on his mind in interviews though.