Podcast with Marco


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Found this you tube interview with Marco. They talk about his childhood, growing, his progression thru high school and coming to Iowa. Playing running back and his first three plays at running back TD run, TD, and fifty yard run. I thought it was really good to learn how close he is to his family, etc.

At the very end he talks about some bracelets he is wearing. Three representing what he learned from Brian. He states he doesn’t care what others say about Brian and stands up for Brian.
The players may like Brian but he was not getting the job done and in fact regressing.

We may not know if he was handcuffed from calling riskier plays. Was he ever free to call whatever plays he wanted? Hard to believe that the last two OC’s could be so extreme risk adverse in their offensive calling.

Also we all know that making a change at the QB position once anointed to the position would require an act of God. This is where I really miss Hayden. Run up the score and let the backups play in the late third quarter and entire fourth quarter.

When a team plays such an over conservative offense the damn game is going to be a nail biter late into the fourth quarter. Kirk has likely created job security for medical specialist who specialize in PTSD. (Points scored by defense)