Phil Parker Broyles Award Semifinalist


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I say Parker should be a candidate for Big Ten Coach of The Year. Forget Bret Bilema. ILL choked away the division with 3 straight losses.


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Is there a universe run by logic based humans where this award should not be handed to Parker today? Has any assistant coach in the country had to heap more on their shoulders than Iowa's D coordinator. Literally the Iowa offense has been a net negative in at least one game, and has barely treaded water in most of the rest, and yet Iowa is still on the verge of somehow winning its conference division.

I understand there are dozens of OCs in the SEC and Little 12 who have little defensive support, but those are a dime a dozen. Name any DC in the country that has had to carry more water than PP. Hand him the trophy. Now.


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I dunno man. Bielema is building something there. He’s got more fan engagement and player buy-in than that place has had in decades.
Yeah feels like that award will go to him or Harbaugh.. Depending how this last week might go.

Hell if it was just a 2nd half of season award KF would be up for it as nuts as that is to say.

But yeah Woods and Parker should damn near split the Broyles award. I'd like to see any other program have the worst O in football and try to be respectable let alone win games.


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It feels like Iowa's ST has taken a tiny step back this year. So I just looked up the FB outsiders ST efficiency rankings, and Iowa is 12, after being 2 last year. No knock on Woods, I think this is the effect of losing Roberts, Jacobs, and Harris to injury for pretty much the whole season.