Other B1G games ...


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12-7-2019 games:

Ohio State stays undefeated 106-74 over Penn State at OSU.
Wisconsin gives Indiana their 1st loss 84-64 in Madison
Creighton beats Nebraska 95-76
Illinois led by 14 at halftime at #3 Maryland ... Cowan hits a long 3 to tie the game with 19 seconds, and then gets fouled after a steal with 2.1 seconds to go. Cowan makes FT to win the game. Really rough loss for Illinois.



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College basketball is crazy! I didn't think Illinois could hang with Maryland and I sure as shit wouldn't think Wiscy would route Indiana by 20.


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Nebraska hasn’t played a conference game yet. Out of the 13 that have...Exactly 3 don’t have a conference loss. And those 3 have only played 1 conference game. No one has won twice.

This season is going to be crazy. And I agree there will a lot of teams around .500. This was a good year to beef up the non conference. Winning a few has been helpful. We’re almost certainly looking at 7-4 worst case. Split these next 2 and we’re 8-3. I’ll be fine with 7-4...thrilled with 8-3...elated with 9-2.

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