Official other NCAA Tourney Games Thread (1st Round)

Drake with a delicious three

Followed by another Tasty Three

Hot Damn

Followed by another Three

Holy Smoke
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History being made, Lads

Purdue going DOWN

Fran not looking so bad now

Matt Painter has failed over and over in The Dance

Purdue was ranked Number One for weeks early in the season

Leave Britney Alone GIFs | Tenor

Why Mighty Jesus, Why
No it makes Fran look worse.
A good reason to actually get a good coach.
Although......Painter still has several Sweet 16s and an Elite 8 to his name.

However, he now is in the history books losing to a 16 seed as a 1.......not a statistic you ever want to find your name in. Not even Fran can claim that....thank God.
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Now I'm honestly wondering if *any* B1G team is going to make it out of the first two rounds alive.
Hard to believe...the Fairleigh Dickinson head from Iowa.......and was an assistant coach for Fran at Siena.

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