Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread


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I've been away from this board for awhile and was surprised, upon returning, that no one even started this thread. I realize the Cubs are in another transition, but surely there is some interest in the team. Or maybe not. I no longer get the Marquee Channels so I rarely get to see my beloved Cubs, so I have to follow on my phone or just accept that my new favorite team is anyone playing the White Sox, which is a team I am able to watch every day.


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Go cubs go! Follow the team at Myrtle Beach. They have some future studs there. Last years trades will pay off and we weren’t winning with the guys traded the last couple of years. Two thoughts though: if you are going to a youth movement bring guys up and quit wasting at bats with guys with no long term future or clearly past their prime; and two, spend some real money next year -they have it. They gotta get one of the three big SSs available. Go cubs go!!