No Wisconsin no problem right? Official Ohio St vs Iowa Big Ten Tournament Game thread

Dolph keeps saying, "tired" this or that to explain Iowa's terrible play ... WTF - OSU just played an intense game less than 20 hours ago but Iowa is the "tired" team after 4 days' rest??

Fallacious rationalization, much Dolph? Of course you do!

One and done...yikes
Yea, writing was on the wall Hawks would piss away a 7 seed. I'm almost hoping they fall to 10, at least, IFFFFF they pull a rabbit and upset the 7, at least they don't get curb-stomped by the 1 seed.

Maybe we can drop to a 10 seed in the Big Dance after another one and done Fran BTT tourney loss to avoid a 1 in the 2nd round....if we can get past the 7 possible way the 2 seed losses with Iowa's luck though. as usual.
2 losses each to nebby, bucky and Tosu. Do we really want to see this team faceplant in the dance?

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