Movin' On Up to #3


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Iowa is ranked #3 in the latest USA Today Coaches poll. PSU is right behind at #4. It's been a while since four B10 teams were in the top 10. MSU is sitting at #11 too.



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A win on Saturday moves Iowa up to number 1 or 2. The HOLY ONES will drop to three.
Geogia has played legitimate top twenty teams so they likely would take the number one spot and fairly so.

They HOLY ONES have a weak ass schedule THUS FAR. Yes if thing maintain course they will have to play Georgia and should they both be undefeated when they play then a win over Georgia would propel them back to number one. Unfortunately if this scenario plays out there is a good chance we will see TWO suck teams in the four team playoff. More argument for expansion to at least eight teams, but I would love to see it go to sixteen teams. A true playoff of the best teams in the country. Injuries, strength of schedule, lucky breaks, would all be weighed out in the end. Your not going to have someone win out by chance, fluke, or luck with sixteen in the mix. Think of the revenue of all those fan bases and regions of the country following the SUPER BOWL SYSTEM of college football.

Now back to reality. First things first. Need the win on Saturday.


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I'm really now just completely enjoying the ride and Gameday can't get here soon enough. I don't expect or demand an undefeated season I'm just a fan loving what I'm seeing. I was worried about Maryland and I'll worry about every team we play. That said, one loss or two will not ruin my season. One injury can change the entire season, or cluster of turnovers, or Covid. Enjoy the ride people, could end at any time, or not. I'm just excited to see Iowa playing to a level we haven't seen in a number of years. Please, Please, Please don't let this offensive performance join the Woodshed game as a stand alone event. Release the Cracken, I mean Petras, and lets continue to be attacking on offense.


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Iowa needs a solid, dominating run game performance. And I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel a game coming where Iowa just dismantles someone really good coming, and it might happen Saturday, with Penn State really reliant upon Clifford to Dotson. If Phil shuts that down, Iowa might take PSU to the woodshed like last season.

11 in a row. 1 more and it's Katie, bar the door. Hawks are hunting
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