Michigan vs Purdue..who u want?


F you Iowa. Charlie, Tracy kick ass.
Purdue TD. Officials screwed up. Replay. OK.
Study Purdue’s pass pattern strategy and implement. Purdue has no more material than Iowa. Quick patterns. Quick throws. Great O line not required.
BF, go away. KF, stop being a coward. Man up.
We should be in Indy. Me,too. Take my chances vs Mich.
Announcers just said “Iowa fake punt!” Oops.
Charlie and Tracy + average QB = Indy.
And, maybe..
I like it when you’re drunk.


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I like it when you’re drunk.
I set you up. I had kung pao shrimp with rice for dinner. Now drinking coffee and later Stevens Point quality root beer With vanilla ice cream. Went to movie theatre earlier to see great movie, so no cocktail hour tonight. Sorry!

Fry, as a glass half full Iowa fan, I am fed up. saw my first Iowa game at age 7, 70 years ago. Many, many season ticks over the years. Most recently 25 straight in football and Alford, Lackluster, Fran in BB. Also went to many Dr. Tom and Lute games. (Sam Williams, Ronny Lester, Sky King, Ralph’s six pack.).

Grew up in Rock Rapids. QB on # 3 class B football team in the state, undefeated in 1962.Played in 24 football games at RR, 2 losses total.

Senior year, BB team, point guard, lost one game short of no classes state tourney. 1963. Team was 6’8”, 6’5”, 6’3”, 6’0, and me at 5’10”. My heroes were the Sioux Center team that defeated Davenport on a last second shot by Jim VerMeer. I can name the starting five from that team.

Our conference included Akron, but the had a player die in a game around that time and terminated football for several years.

Now, I am a retired school Supt. In WI. 3 kids, 7 grandkids. Iowa Football and BB ticks in Iowa, 292 miles each way. Own 320 acre farm outside of RR. A month in Ontario walleye fishing in my alumacraft with lots of electronics and 70 hp Yamaha 4 stroke. Have fished trout in 8 states. 1 month in Florida every year. Visited dozens of National Parks. Yellowstone this summer. 30,000 miles annually on my Pilot.

I hope you have a long and happy life like mine. Learn to be more positive about others. Will make you happy. I really enjoy HN and really do like interacting with you. Fun to pick on you, of course!

Would enjoy response to my windy, random topic post. Go Hawks!