Maryland vx South Carolina and Ohio State vs Virginia Tech


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Big Ten pride on the block

Terps are Tough and are playing well against SC right now

Early Days though

Maryland coach says they only have to beat them one game. that is the beauty of the tournament

Also says that people are talking about their D

Says they have to handle Our Defense
Worried looks on SC faces

SC Gals sweating quite a bit also

SC behind 21-15 at the end of the first quarter

Maryland Big Ten Tough right now
Early Observations:
Maryland Press was bothering them a bit.
Maryland has the speed and athleticism to keep them on their heels.
South Carolina size is like a cheat code, miss, rebound, miss, rebound, put it in or foul going to the line.
Maryland having trouble finishing around the basket...probably do to the South Carolina size.

Maryland not putting up the 3 ball so far like Iowa has.
It's been a pretty physical game so far. Both teams have been terrible at the free throw line so far too. I don't think Maryland has the chops to keep up with South Carolina down the stretch based on what I've seen so far.
They need to knock down more 3s....hope they can get SC sped up again in the half-court off their press and force some turnovers and quick shots.
Just got home missed the 1st half.

Maryland dominated the first quarter

Then the Gamecocks had their way the second quarter

Tall task ahead for Maryland, perhaps too tall

Maryland outrebounded 25-13

SC has 14 offensive rebounds


Only one foul on each SC player

Maryland had 5 players with 2 fouls

Double Damn

My Girl with the red hair, Myers is the leading scorer in the game with 14 points

I have fallen in love with Myers

Boston has 12 points to lead the Gamecocks

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