Lou Henson

His teams, regardless of how legit his recruiting connections were, we’re fun to watch. He introduced physical backcourt defense to a conference that favored jet quick point guards like Isiah Thomas, Ronnie Lester, Rickey Green, Wes Matthews and Kelvin Ransey . He favored three guard lineups like Derek Harper, Craig Tucker and Parry Range; all physical and athletic". He would soon add Bruce Douglas and Doug Altenberger, then eventually Kendall Gill and Stephen Bardo (who was a better player than announcer)

He was denied a shot at the brass ring when Michigan took him down in an incredible game that showcased a who’s who of future NBA talent. He was a relatively low key coach at a time and place where colorful coaches in the league were a dime a dozen. It’s actually a shame that he was known for a long time for NCAA tournament shortcomings like getting upset by Kentucky in 1984. His final four run in 1989 helped him redeem a good deal of his legacy.

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