Let's talk about our feelings!!


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I do apologize if this has been posted somewhere else, (I did do a quick check to make sure, sorry if I missed it).

To sum up, a UI professor is concerned that images of Herky show him as too aggressive and mean and she thinks that it would be better for the collective consciousness of the community if Herky was depicted as having a broader range of emotions because then we wouldn't have so much violence in society and our college freshmen wouldn't be so eager to become rapists. Or something.



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He should only be angry herky for the 1st quarter. He should switch to a sad herky costume for the 2nd quarter. Then come out of halftime rockin a happy herky costume. For the 4th quarter he can switch costumes throughout accordingly.


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how about white privelege Herky when the team is up late in the 4th quarter. He can go to the opponent sidelines and apologize for his achievement on the backs of his opponent.