Leistikow Says Petras Will Start Saturday


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I’d actually rather watch at home because this is gonna be the longest 3 day stretch I’ve had in a while.

My kid is running state XC in Dirty Dodge on Friday, then to Cedar Falls after that for an overnight, then IC for the game, then back home after the game, and then up at 6 to drive him an hour to a group hill workout with a private coach.
Looking for Dad of the year award? Wait till you are a grandpa with 4 in sports. Granddaughter Kirsten (6’1”) just landed a 4 year VB full scholarship at UW-Green Bay one hour from my house. Yahoo!


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I would argue what we saw from Padilla was actually an improvement. Pretty sure Petra’s lost a fumbled snap this year so that’s bs to hold against Padilla… also Padilla did show and an ability to throw an out. He used his legs a little, the interception was as much on the TE as Padilla. So if we are supposed to think now Padilla gives the hawks less of a chance to win because he was set up to fail and then did, I’m not buying it. Petra’s had his shot… now ride with Padilla or Labas. Actually run the offense to what the QB does well… KF and BF recruited and developed these guys…so there’s no where to hide here.


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I think Iowa fans need to be patient while Kirk gets time to build recruiting contacts for his offense and gets a chance to get his type of players in there.


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I agree. I think that can help against teams we can beat. Whether Padilla is an excellent scrambler who can then find guys downfield after the scramble is an open question.

Would love to have another Banks type player but it seems we don't seem to recruit mobile quarterbacks?

I mean, I'd love to just ram the ball down teams' throats but times have changed. Using a fullback and a statue for a QB allows the defense to beat you by numbers. overandoverandover
Watching our offensive line really shoes us how important position coaches are. I think we've had back to back to back bad hires at that position and it shows.