Keegan Murray B1G Player of Week...Again


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This forum is dead or dying. Big news like this from a great player, not a single attaboy at least here. WIU is not a tough opponent, but I saw things from Murray in the WIU game that really got my attention, and reminded me of some great players. Several times he took his defensive player down low, took his time, and put up some nice short range hook shots. Who was famous for this same move? A guy named Magic Johnson. Like Johnson, Murray is a good passer so you can't always double him. So Keegan has the baby hook in his tool kit. I also saw footwork that is unmistakably the result of playing last year with Luka Garza, who had the tool kit to end all tool kits for college players in the middle. Keegan will just get better and better. If he gets drafted, our bets our hedged, as we'll still have Kris, and he too will get better and better. I hope this forum that seems to be on life support will make a comeback if we win a few big ones!!

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