Just Because: Screw U Sparty :)


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McNutt, JK, Moaeki... the back ups were assume. How'd the passing game digress so much over time. A QB with swagger.
Swagger indeed. We beat Indy the next week, then I witnessed Wooten pulverizing Stanzi the next week, then watched us drop a very winnable game @ the Shoe. Fun season all around.


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I was there. Helluva game. That game is precisely why they shouldn't sell booze at college football games because if they did I would have been too drunk to appreciate that last drive and last play. I met up with a buddy who went to MSU and some of his boys from back in the day. My buddy and one of his chums were talking shit to each other and my buddy tipped over a porta potty whilst his chum was in there taking a piss. I've never seen anything like it.


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What's noticeable to this KF critic is that RS also known as Pick Rick coulda shoulda had about 4 ints on that drive.

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