Iowa vs Creighton NCAA tournament Game Thread


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Key is keeping Creighton off the 3 point line, rebound, pound the ball inside EARLY, and get the crowd involved early. To me need Gabby and Warnock to have 30 pts between the two of them. Monika should have 30+ today. GO HAWKS


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Not much doubt calls are not the same at both ends. Monika clearly fouled on that “block” and twice Caitlin was fouled and no call, not to mention the push to stop the handoff and then a touch foul on Caitlin for a reach.


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When has the officiating ever been good in womens basketball? Iowa is missing easy layups and wide open 3’s. Let’s focus on that instead of crying over the calls.

Iowa did rebound better in the 2nd quarter, just need to knock down some shots and defend their shooters better.


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Creighton played like they wanted it more in the first real physical with shooting....and overall ice cold shooting out of Iowa. Nice run by Iowa to close out half.