Iowa vrs Maryland


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This game is an important game for this team. This should be one of the more winnable games Iowa will play especially at home. Lose this one or even worse lose big then it could be a really long season.

A win gives the players something to build off of.

Sitting here watching the Michigan vrs Georgia football game thinking more and more that Georgia threw the game against Alabama. 20-3 with three minutes left in the first half. Nice set up for Alabama to play some pretending over ranked subpar team to get to the championship. Now watch Georgia wax Alabama in the championship.


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This is one team we should match up with really well. The fact they don't have a dominant big man, we should be able to do what we do. The only position I think they are better in is the point guard position and even then I think Joe T. could outplay Fatts. This is definitely a game we don't want an L in.


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Can't say I know much about MD but from what I've read here so far it feels like a winnable game. How's the weather today? Hopefully a packed house can bring some electricity to the place and get us going. For peats sake we have the best player in college hoops (again) why not go watch em kick some ass?!


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Unstoppable, take a step toward the basket,

Turn around

Take a stop backwards

Turn and make a suddenly open shot

He is getting better each and every game

Pleasure to watch