Iowa to play Kentucky in Vrbo Citrus Bowl

Ky is a very good team. Pound and ground. If Iowa does not score, surrenders 3 and outs, the hawks will get gassed in the 2nd half
On the bright side, maybe Mark Stoops (and brother Bob) get to focus on Iowa a little more and still keep the program in the back of their minds. Mark gets to show us what is would be like with him running the offense at Iowa.

We all get more boners for the Stoops and get to talk about how we botched the Stoops hire when Hayden left again. That outta be fun.
I'm betting anyone that says they like this match up will have a change of opinion January 2nd! With our offense and if anyone remembers the last time playing Tennessee in a bowl game ........
There’s better shit to drop two or three grand on than a trip for two people to see that hot mess. Kinnick is one thing, but holy shit the buyer’s remorse for that and last night would be off the charts.

You have your Mike Drop

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I won't be traveling outside the door for this one

But I Will watch the Hawks Rule
Harbaugh is a douchebag. piss on him.

I actually like the matchup with Ky though.
Frankly I’m glad Harbaugh rubbed Kirk’s nose in the nepotistic hire of his no-talent son as OC and exposed Iowa’s offense as non-existent.

Sadly, Kirk won’t do a damn thing about it.